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Moving Out of State Checklist

Moving out of state is a serious matter that needs exceptional levels of planning and preparation. You certainly don’t want to get to moving day without a definite plan of action.

Different from a local move, or a move to another city or town, moving to a new state is the type of relocation that will deliver numerous challenges to assess your overall readiness.

Use these steps for your out-of-state move and you’ll be prepared. Also, we’re giving some cost-saving tips for moving to a new state that will bring you a real advantage during the important pre-move stage of your long-distance move.

But first, take a look at this new state checklist and see what it has to say about your out of state moving choices and discovering the one that’s best for out of state moving.

Just consider this: a local move will bring you a few relocation options. Hire pro movers or move yourself. It’s always a good thing to have a couple of options in any situation so that you can make the best choice after doing an assessment of your current circumstances.

As a rule of thumb, decide to do a self-move only if:

  • you’re moving short distance (locally within the same city, state, or county)
  • you’re moving a small number of household items that could fit into a normal rental moving truck
  • you’re NOT moving any distinctive household items that need professional packing and special handling during your move (pianos, pool tables, antiques, heavy safe, hot tubs, grandfather clocks, etc.)
  • you have moved before, so you know what’s what
  • you have dependable friends who will help when you need it

On the other hand, the moment your long-distance move becomes just a matter of time, the first thing you should know is that the bigger the move distance, the narrower your choices.


How to Transport Plants When Moving

Your upcoming move will bring numerous changes in your life. A few you will enjoy, others not so much. Once the move is definite, you should have adequate time to think about what’s the top way to adapt to the new environment. For now, the time has come for you to manage the vital decisions before the arrival of your big move.

One crucial decision is what to do with your plants when you move. If your home has a garden, then in addition to your house plants, you most likely have many garden plants that you would love to bring along. If you live in an apartment, then it’s your lovely potted plants you will most likely be anxious about.

These tips for moving plants will give you pertinent information about if you should bother moving your plants, how to set up your plants for the move, how to pack plants for the move, and how to move plants to your new home if you have decided you can’t leave them behind.

Should you move your plants when moving?

Do moving companies transport plants? One fact you should consider is that plants go into the classification of household items that are prohibited for moving. In other words, no professional moving company will agree to move your plants, not even local movers on a short distance move.


Unlike many hazardous items, plants, shrubs, and saplings aren’t dangerous in any way and can’t present any threat to the persons who are a part of the move or to the household items inside the moving van. Professional movers aren’t allowed to move plants because they are too fragile and almost never live while being a part of the moving trip, whether it is short or long distance.

You should consider moving your plants with you, maybe in your car, or in a truck that you pack. You want to make sure that the plants are secured, but not crushed. Make sure they have adequate water before you travel, to ensure that they are not further stressed by the change in scenery.


Understanding Your Vehicle’s Towing Abilities

When thinking about renting a trailer, it is vital to have a solid understanding of your vehicle’s towing abilities. We talked with moving and safety specialists to get some answers to the most crucial questions you may have when it comes to knowing your towing capacity.

There are two vital factors that affect your vehicle’s total towing capability. They are:

  1. Your vehicle’s curb weight. If you are utilizing a single-axle trailer without brakes (most common), then your vehicle should weigh as much or greater than the fully-loaded trailer weight.
  2. Your towing equipment. Your towing equipment will have its own definite towing capacity which must be listed right on the hitch system.

You should take into account the lowest of the two to be your maximum towing capacity.

The vehicle’s curb weight is the basis for trailer selection. Your loaded trailer can’t weigh more than that number if it’s a single axle trailer. A double-axle braked trailer can weigh up to 25% more than your curb weight. U-haul offers an easy online qualification guide to help you pick what trailers can be paired with your vehicle.

It is critical not to overload your trailer. If you overload the trailer, then you could have problems with braking, vehicle handling, or stopping. While there are many safeguard features built in to the trailer and hitch systems, it’s still never good to overload your trailer.

If you stay within the ratings offered by your trailer manufacturer when towing a trailer, then it won’t be any difference if your vehicle has front or rear-wheel drive. With car haulers, there are two types of trailers and they have a dissimilar qualification process. It will make a difference if your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive. You might want to take a look at the manufacturer’s website.

Selecting the Right Self-Storage

Not enough space? Old keepsakes you love, but don’t want in your house? There are several different reasons you may want storage space and there are several different storage resolutions out there. We want to assist you in navigating your choices to make sure you get the right storage for you.

Accessibility: One thing you should think about is how accessible you need your self-storage unit to be. If you need quick access, look for an outdoor unit that you can bring your vehicle up to. If you are going to move into your storage with a rental truck, see if there is a loading dock to save you some work.

Availability: Look at the hours you will have access to your storage unit. Lots of smaller self-storage facilities typically have limited hours or may be closed some days a week. Some self-storage facilities have 24/7 access so you can get to your stored things whenever you want.

Security: Even if you are in a good neighborhood, it doesn’t hurt to have security precautions, like codes, access cards, and video surveillance. Is the store place gated? Will there be a security guard on the premises? Most storage facilities aren’t responsible for damage or losses due to theft so you may want to take a look at your homeowner’s insurance or buy insurance from the self-storage facility.

Climate Control: The significance of climate control can be determined on what you plan on storing and the climate you live in. Even if AC or heating is offered by the storage facility, you may want to check if they ensure a temperature range. An air conditioner or a heater isn’t any good if the facility never turns it on. You may also want to ask if there is humidity control.

The Best Moving Apps

There are numerous android apps for your move. Below are a few of the best apps for those with either iPhones or android.

Moving Van: This app comes in handy when unpacking and packing. The Moving Van app lets you track what you pack in every box and even take pictures of the things that you put in each box. It may be an extra step, but when you’re trying to recall which box you put the can opener in, you’ll be thankful that you don’t have to go through 15 boxes to find it.

Gas Buddy: This is a must, regardless if you’re moving or not. I don’t know about you, but I’ll wait through a red light, cut across three lanes of traffic, and make a U-turn to save five cents on gas. This is not as easy in a moving truck, so plan accordingly and drive securely to the low-cost gas station.

INRIX: Nothing says misery as sitting in traffic with a moving truck! Dodge traffic and construction delays with this app. Inrix takes direction finding to the next level. It will let you know of any backed-up traffic, accidents, or events that are going on along your route that could hinder your trip. You can even let others know of any adverse traffic conditions if you’re the first one to see it.

SuperGraphics Travel Game: If you’re moving over a holiday or on the weekend, you are sure to see many U-Haul trucks. Have you ever observed the graphics on the sides of these trucks? They are called SuperGraphics and each one shows interesting facts about provinces and states. With the SuperGraphics game, you can track the graphics you’ve seen and learn more about them.  The latest version of this game has tile puzzles that will keep riders busy for hours.


Transporting a Modular Home

It’s critical to note first that there are two kinds of modular homes. When you buy a modular home, you can get an on frame or an off-frame home.

All mobile homes are constructed on a steel chassis in a home building place, such as modular homes.  Modular homes are built with top-quality materials and built with durability and strength.

The difference is in the codes they are constructed to. Modular are manufactured to applicable building codes of the land site on which they will be put.

An on-frame modular home indicates that the modular home stays on its steel chassis when it is brought to its land site for location.

An off-frame modular home is a modular home that is separated from its steel chassis to be positioned at its land site.

It is simpler to move a home later on if it’s still on its steel frame than if it has been eradicated from the chassis. Technically however, you can move any home structure. You can move a site constructed home if you really want to, but the costs of moving a home structure frequently stop folks from doing so.

You can move a modular home. The fact if it’s on a steel chassis once it’s positioned may indicate you don’t want to relocate your house due to the costs.

The type of foundation is determined by your budget, the building codes, and the environment. However, different choices include a crawl space foundation, a pier, a slab foundation, or a beam foundation, as well as a basement foundation.

Modular homes are constructed with a streamlined home building procedure almost completely inside a facility making them an attractive alternative to conventional site built homes that are vulnerable to environmental conditions during construction.

With a modular home, you get the same benefits that a site built home has without the additional costs and wait time.


Three Ways to Transport Your Motorcycle

While motorcycles make for good transportation, you can’t always ride yours to wherever you may be traveling. If you decide to transport your motorcycle by trailer or truck, ensure to secure it correctly using ratchet straps to stop it from tipping over in transit. If you opt to hire a shipping company, make sure you know the services they offer and what to do if your motorcycle is damaged along the way.

Shipping a Motorcycle

Call local moving company for a price quote. There are several national and regional companies that can ship your motorcycle, but you want to get a good deal from a trustworthy business. Start by looking up local moving companies online. Once you find some you like, call them to get a price quote on shipping your motorcycle.

You should get at least three quotes to make sure you have some idea of a reasonable price.

Securing a Motorcycle to a Truck or Trailer

Get the necessary tools and materials. In order to firmly strap your motorcycle in the bed of a pickup truck or a trailer, you will need three ratchet straps with at least one soft or heavy-duty loop for your straps that is made to stop damage from rubbing on painted components of your motorcycle. You may also decide to use a wheel chock, but it isn’t required.

Wheel chocks are for heavier motorcycles like cruisers and grand touring bikes.

Loading a Motorcycle into a Pickup Truck

Park the truck and motorcycle on a level, firm surface. Never try to load a motorcycle into a pickup truck on uneven ground or soft ground. Black top or concrete are the ideal surfaces to use when loading your bike into a pickup truck.

Never use pieces of wood on grass or dirt as a loading surface, as the wood could break or slide.

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Moving experts highly recommend the tips below when picking a moving company to provide relocation service:

Pick a moving company that is family owned and operated. Numerous big corporate moving companies have lost touch with the personal part of customer service. he personal touch can only be given by those who really take pride in their work. Family owned and operated moving companies typically possess these values.

Request an associate from the moving company to visit your home prior to receiving an estimate. This visit from the moving company in question is critical because it let you decide what type of people the company employs. It also will let you get a precise estimate as to what the final cost will be upon completion.

Be sure to check licensing and insurance information. Is this moving company licensed to operate locally? Is this moving company licensed to transport across state lines? To be licensed, a moving company should have sufficient insurance. This keeps illegal firms from marketing to people who could be then subjected to scams.

Visit the moving company’s office. How a company values their own office speaks a great deal as to how they will value yours. This will give you the chance to meet staff, see the equipment, and get some idea as to how this business operates.

Be certain you are totally familiar with a moving company’s billing structure. Also, have the billing terms and conditions in writing before scheduling a move date. Sadly, there are many unlawful moving companies that don’t function operate honestly. To protect yourself, be sure to have in writing the billing terms.

Research reviews before contracting the moving company you select. Online reviews may not always be entirely accurate, but they can display a trend. If a company has the same complaint frequently reported about them, that company may have a problem.


Best Michigan Movers

Moving to the state of Michigan just got simpler. Discovering the best Michigan moving business is just a tap away.

We have picked the best Michigan movers so you can have an easier move. Regardless if you’re moving to Detroit, Grand Rapids, Detroit, or St. Joseph, you can get the best movers grounded in real customers testimonials.

Blue Oak Moving and Storage

States of operation: Michigan and Ohio

Blue Oak Moving is the top choice for your next office or home move. Folks use them over and over for their affordable moving costs and consistent service.

Do you need storage? They can help you with that as well. They operate and maintain a climate controlled warehouse space. Everything is housed in their facility with protective coverings still on. The shrink wrap and padding is never removed until after delivery is made at the final destination.

They encourage customers to visit their facility before their scheduled date of service. It doesn’t matter if you need temporary or permanent storage, they have the ideal storage option for you.

Beast Moving

For 30 years, Beast moving has done local and long-distance moves all over the greater Michigan area. Their professional movers can pack and crate all items, professional packing services provided at an additional cost. There is a climate controlled warehouse to put any household goods. You can trust the Beast to give you a real truly professional local or long-distance move.

Braun Moving

Braun Moving offers the Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee, and Washtenaw County MI and nearby areas with any type of local and long-distance home or office moving and storage services needed. They’ll do everything (packing, unloading, and loading for you). Their team is committed to giving customers what the moving solutions they need without paying a fortune.