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What Not To Do When Transporting Your Car

So you’ve rented the tow dolly or trailer that you are going to attach to your moving truck, what kind of things do you want to NOT do?

First of all, don’t cover your car with any kind of tarp or car cover. You may be wanting to protect the car from bugs and road hazards, but your car cover will also act like a parachute and whip your car around behind you. Or the cover will rip off and land on another vehicle behind you, causing a wreck. Don’t do it!

A trailer that’s not secured can be a road hazard, so take the time to drive carefully around curves and when you turn, give yourself enough room.

Make a note of the speed limits. In some states, trucks have a different speed limit than cars, usually 10 miles per hour less.  Pay attention so you don’t get a ticket!

Double check that the wires for the lights stay connected during the entire trip, you want to be able to warn others when you’re braking or turning. These wires can become loose over time, so better to check them periodically.

Keeping yourself safe on the road is your highest priority, thankfully there are things you can do to make your trip as safe and uncomplicated as possible.