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Moving Out of State Checklist

Moving out of state is a serious matter that needs exceptional levels of planning and preparation. You certainly don’t want to get to moving day without a definite plan of action.

Different from a local move, or a move to another city or town, moving to a new state is the type of relocation that will deliver numerous challenges to assess your overall readiness.

Use these steps for your out-of-state move and you’ll be prepared. Also, we’re giving some cost-saving tips for moving to a new state that will bring you a real advantage during the important pre-move stage of your long-distance move.

But first, take a look at this new state checklist and see what it has to say about your out of state moving choices and discovering the one that’s best for out of state moving.

Just consider this: a local move will bring you a few relocation options. Hire pro movers or move yourself. It’s always a good thing to have a couple of options in any situation so that you can make the best choice after doing an assessment of your current circumstances.

As a rule of thumb, decide to do a self-move only if:

  • you’re moving short distance (locally within the same city, state, or county)
  • you’re moving a small number of household items that could fit into a normal rental moving truck
  • you’re NOT moving any distinctive household items that need professional packing and special handling during your move (pianos, pool tables, antiques, heavy safe, hot tubs, grandfather clocks, etc.)
  • you have moved before, so you know what’s what
  • you have dependable friends who will help when you need it

On the other hand, the moment your long-distance move becomes just a matter of time, the first thing you should know is that the bigger the move distance, the narrower your choices.