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Hiring a Moving Truck vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Deciding between renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company are the two most usual choices that folks will have when moving. Of course, renting a moving truck is at a lower price tag but the extra stress and work must also be considered. While the initial cost may seem alluring, there are numerous hidden costs you might not be seeing. Fortunately, nowadays there are hybrid ways between the two, and you can use professional movers to aid with your particular needs.


It truly appears less expensive to use a moving truck instead of a moving company to manage your relocation. Though, be sure that you are putting everything into the final cost of the move. Many folks forget to include packing materials, the cost of their time, the cost of fuel, and toll fees into the total for renting a truck. When those things are taken into consideration, renting a truck isn’t always the steal it first looked to be.


Packing and moving is labor-intensive. If you decide against hiring a moving company you’ll need help. This requires calling in plenty of favors from loved ones. If you don’t have too much stuff and nothing fragile or valuable to move, your friends might do the job. If you do have a substantial inventory to transport and some of it is quite irreplaceable or valuable, think twice.

Good people are not necessarily skilled movers and are most definitely not insured for damages that may happen during a move. If your best friend drop your flat screen TV, will you sue him or her for compensation? Hardly! But you are out of a television. Professional movers can save you a lot of anxiety and you might be surprised how affordable full service moving is.

The Top Airlines That Allow Pets in the Cabin

It’s hard enough to leave our furry little folks alone all day while we’re at work. How in the world are you supposed to loosen up and have a good time on a lavish trip if you know your pet is sitting at home alone feeling abandoned, miserable, and sad? How do you think your pet feels that you left him or her behind?

You have to determine is it worth packing up all those chew toys and transporting your pet along for the ride. If yes and you’re traveling by air, then it’s time to take a look at the airlines that let pets in the cabin with you.

  1. Air Canada

Types of pets allowed: Dogs and cats little enough to stay comfortably and fit in their carrier under the seat in front of you. They must be able to turn around and stand up with no issues.

  1. American Airlines

Types of pets allowed: Dogs and cats over eight weeks of age who are able to sit in a carrier under the seat in front of you for the whole flight

  1. Air France

Types of pet allowed: Small cats and dogs

  1. JetBlue

Types of pets allowed: Small dogs and cats

  1. Southwest

Types of pets allowed: Small dogs and cats

  1. Delta

Types of pets allowed: Cats and dogs for both international and domestic flights, as well as household birds (US domestic flights only). Pets must be at least 10 weeks old for domestic travel and 16 weeks for international flights.

  1. Alaska Air

Types of pets allowed: Dogs and cats who at least eight weeks old and weaned. Pets include domesticated rabbits and household birds.

  1. United

Types of pets allowed: Domesticated dogs, rabbits, birds, and cats. Your pet must be older than eight weeks.