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Tips on Yacht Transportation

When the world’s biggest yachts need to get to another location in time for the beginning of the season, or to a secluded location at the owner’s request, yacht transportation companies come in to move these big vessels across the great distances and rough seas that even the most skilled of captains would find intimidating.

As well as working with tight deadlines, these jobs involve millions of pounds worth of cargo that requires cautious treatment and clever maneuvering. So, we spoke with a few yacht transport specialists to get the specific details of yacht transportation, from picking a respected company to the available methods.

Before you begin your preparations to move a yacht around the world, it is stressed that you completely check the company you pick to ship your yacht.

It’s important to be aware there are plenty of frauds in the yacht transport market providing services without having the equipment. These companies collect all of the payment upon signing the contract with you and then don’t ship your yacht. The money is lost and the yacht is left in the load port without having a space in a marina.

As with most things in life, a cheap transport does not usually mean quality. It’s worth paying a little more to guarantee your yacht is in safe hands and to not have any hidden fees that are not told to you upfront.

There’s a difference between a yacht carrier and a yacht transport broker

Knowing this, it’s worth noting that there is a difference between a yacht transport broker and a yacht carrier. According to the experts, at first, it may seem like there are several transport providers to pick from. However, when you look closely, most of these are really yacht transportation brokers. Be cautious when choosing.

How Not to Transport Your Vehicle When You Move

When you move, you have a couple of choices for transporting your car. Driving your own car is the simplest way and the perfect excuse for a road trip. If you don’t have one or two suitcases, you could tow your car behind you.

While a trip in our car would’ve been great, we decided to use a U-Haul. We rented a truck and added the auto transport. This is not like a tow dolly. With a tow dolly, your car’s front wheels are up on the dolly, the back wheels stay down. With the auto transport trailer, all four wheels are off the ground.

Using an auto transport seems simple enough. You just drag your car behind you, correct? I’m glad I’m not the only inexperienced one. Little did we know what we’d gotten ourselves into.

We wanted to protect our car as we drove it across the country. A good coat of wax would make it simple to wash off the bugs, so we did this. However, we wanted to take it a step further by protecting our car from as much dirt as possible.

Not long after we drove onto the highway, we’d gotten into our groove. Our windows down, our radio blasting, we were on our way. Then, it happened. Our truck begin to lose control. It began to swerve across the highway. We looked into the side mirror with panic and our covered Honda stood at an problematic angle to the right of our truck, until it whipped to the left side at an equally bad angle.

The car cover we used to safeguard our vehicle acted like a parachute. The tail wagged the dog frantically. It seemed like a lot of time had passed until we made our way to the shoulder of the road. Luckily, few cars were on the highway at this time of the morning. We took off the car cover and tucked it inside the car. After we calmed down, we knew we had learned a life lesson. When you transport your car, don’t use a car cover. Ever.