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What are the pros and cons of moving from Michigan to California? (Part I)

Make sure all your ducks are in a row before you make the move from Michigan to California.

If the thought of going through another snowy winter fills you with despair, you may be thinking about moving to California. People taking tech jobs in high-cost-of-living San Francisco aren’t the only ones going to the Golden State. The state’s population rose over 6% between 2010 and 2015. Interested?

 You’ll most likely need a car

Unless you live in San Francisco, you will most likely need a car in California. It’s a huge state and most of the cities and towns are low-density communities with no public transportation. Based on where in California you lay the pipe down, traffic may also be a fixture in your life.

Democracy is huge in California

Remember the fight over Proposition 8 in California in ‘08? The ballot initiative, led by opponents of same-sex marriage, sparked a battle and heavy spending on both sides of the issue. Prop 8 is just one example of high-stakes democracy in California. While there are other states that allow citizen-proposed ballot initiatives, California is well-known for them. Any California resident can begin a petition and gather the necessary signatures to put a proposal on the ballot.

Higher education in California is the best

If you have children or are thinking about going to college yourself, we’re guessing you’ll want to take advantage of in-state tuition in California’s state university system. It’s the largest public university system in the nation. Though in-state tuition prices have increased over the years, they’re still low to what non-residents pay and still provide excellent value at some top-notch universities.

Moving to Cali won’t resolve all your issues

There’s a well-known study that researched happiness differences between California residents and Midwest residents. The result? There wasn’t any. People residing in Cali were no happier than those living with horrible winters in the Midwest. You can move to California, but don’t think that doing so will magically make a radical change in you.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home

There’s a lot to consider before deciding to move your mobile home.

When most folks think about moving across the country, they think about their belongings. But what if “moving” connotates relocating your entire mobile home? There are plenty of things to think about when deciding to move your whole home instead of moving into a new one, so here is some information on how much it will cost to move your mobile home and who you should get to do the move.

How prepared is your mobile home?

Though they are technically “mobile”, not all homes are made equally. Some have been connected to a solid foundation and don’t have the hardware to be moved long distances, while others have a temporary foundation and still have the hardware needed for installing an axle, platform, and wheels. In some instances, the movers will put the home onto a flatbed and move it that way, especially if it wasn’t really built to be mobile or it if is really heavy. The weight must be taken into consideration when moving a home, as well as destination and size.

The movers will only take the home on main roads where the corridor is big enough to allow passage, so transport to more remote areas will be hard and may raise the distance the home needs to be hauled and as a result, the cost. Doors and windows must be secured and covered, utilities cut off, and all cabinets and other permanent fixtures secured to avoid breakage.  Prepping a mobile home to move to a new city can cost about $1,000.

How to choose a moving company

Not all moving companies have the equipment and capacity to transport a mobile home. The company should be accurately insured to move huge freight across state lines, as well as being familiar with all the permitting needed.