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Traveling to Keller TX? How to Get Great Service by a Good Staff and Maid in Keller

How to Choose the Best Keller Hotel and Service for Your Next Trip!

You have decided to take a trip to Keller, TX. And now, you want to make sure that you know how to choose the best hotel with the best maid Keller has to offer. Well, no worries. You have come to the right place!

gone to Keller TX

Service by the best staff and the best maid in Keller 

When you are selecting a hotel for your next trip, there is an overabundance of crucial aspects to take into consideration. A hotel, where you stay on your journey, can make or break your vacay. Therefore, it is vital that you get the right hotel based on your needs.

At the time of hotel booking, you should pick not only the best deal, but also a hotel with excellent amenities, a highly-professional staff, and efficient maid service.

Pick a hotel based on if it’s business or pleasure

Whether your trip is business or pleasure plays a critical role in finding the perfect hotel. If you are going to a conference, you’ll want a hotel room with a desk, Wi-Fi (free internet if you can), and perhaps a business center. If you’re enjoying a little vacay, look for a hotel that has rooms with a jacuzzi in them.

Spend based on your budget

Your budget plays a huge role in determining where you lodge during the trip. You have to consider the total amount you want to spend. How large of an amount do you want to spend on your hotel? How big of an amount will you need to feel safe, content, and comfortable?

If your budget is tight, you can choose to get a rented room in a home or apartment. If your budget is large, you can book a stay at a luxury hotel or rent a whole house. If you decide to do a rental, make sure that the place is in a safe area.

Money saving tip

You can also book a hotel via an online booking service. Today, several websites offer online hotel booking at reduced prices. These places also have first-time booking benefits or various coupons. The best part is that you can see pics of the hotel and read hotel reviews before making your decision.

Transporting Plants in Hot Weather

Make sure to carry your plant correctly.

Greenhouse plants and bedding plants necessitate special attention to halting damage during their trip from the garden center to your destination. Here are some tips on transporting plants:

Wind can be hazardous. For bigger plants especially, don’t stand them up in the back of a truck where they can be damaged by the wind. Tall plants must be transported lying on their sides. Cover with a tarp or cloth and secure them to keep them from moving around in the truck bed. The best way of transport is a covered van.

Little plants can be cooked in vehicles, even with the AC running. Sunshine through the windows can be intense. Provide shade from direct sun with a cardboard box. Car trunks are not the right way either.

When transporting huge plants into or out of a vehicle, always pick plants up by the container, not the stem or trunk.

Here’s how to prevent container garden mishaps:

Group plants. Group containers so they shade each other and don’t dry out quickly.

Give them shade. Put containers in a shady area such as under a tree or on the east side of the house for shielding from the hot sun. Even sun-friendly plants can take seven days of shade while you’re on vacation.

Hold the water. Use a potting mix containing water-absorbing crystals which will soak up excess moisture and make it available to plants as the mix begins to dry out.

Time your waterings. Add a timer to a drip irrigation system and run the spaghetti-like irrigation tubes from container to container.

Grow succulents and cacti. These plants are water-thrifty to the hilt. It won’t faze them to go seven days or more without water. Also, potted succulents work well as winter houseplants.

Ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with asking a loved one to water your plants. Just make sure to ask them to water deeply. Light watering won’t let moisture penetrate the soil and reach the roots.


Transporting Plants in Cold Weather

If you have to transport plants during cold weather, these tips should help you keep your plant alive.

You’ve discovered the perfect plants. However, transporting and safeguarding them from the elements can be difficult. Regardless if you’re moving them in cold or hot temperatures or require care instructions for an upcoming vacation, these tips will keep your plants healthy and alive.

Tips to Get Your Plants Home Safely in Cold Weather

Being in temps from 45°F -50°F for as little as 60 minutes is enough to kill several plants. Here are some easy and quick tips on transporting plants in cold weather. If these tips appear like overkill, think of them as a little investment of your time in return for years of pleasure with your new plants.

If possible, make buying your plants the last stop of your shopping trip.

Choose a day when the weather forecast is mild.

Place them in a bag. Double the bag if it’s really windy or cold out. Paper is better than plastic, but plastic is better than nothing at all. If the trip home is long, open the bag a little for ventilation.

Have your vehicle warmed up before you put the plants inside.

Be sure to provide ventilation if using plastic of any type as a covering for your plants.

Do not put your plants in your trunk.

Don’t let foliage touch the windows of the vehicle. The cold will damage the leaves.

If you purchase big plants, don’t let them hang out of the window.

Put some newspaper or cardboard on the floor of your vehicle for additional insulation.

Vans are better for transporting larger plants. If you have to use a truck, put the plants down and cover them to keep the cold and wind out.


The colder it gets, the more hazardous it is to your plants. This is particularly true when cold temperatures are united with the wind. Even a meticulously bagged plant can be harmed during a little walk across a cold parking lot.