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How to Make Moving Easy with Your Pet Bird (Part II)

Make sure that you’re bird has a cage.

For your bird’s safety, get a cage or car carrier that they’ll ride in during the road trip. To lessen stress, buy the carrier days before the move to introduce your bird to the new space. Get it to spend time in it and put its favorite toys in the space for comfort. If they have never been on a car ride, take little rides with your bird to gradually introduce it to the feeling of being in the car.

Never put your bird’s car carrier or habitat in the front seat as the airbag could harm in the case of an accident. Put the carrier securely in the back seat. Also, do not put other items around it that may shift or fly around during the ride.

Getting Ready for the Move

Way before the moving truck arrives, get everything ready. When picking up items, only keep essentials in its carrier. Loose items can be hazardous during transport as items move in turbulence or car rides. Pack all other non-essentials in a separate moving box that you can unpack right away when you arrive at your new location. Get its favorite fruits that are high in water content as freshwater may easily spill in the natural movement of a plane or car.

Find a New Veterinarian

Take time to find a new veterinarian near your new home prior to moving. If your bird has symptoms of prolonged stress after getting into your new house, you’ll want to have a new vet chosen. You can even arrange a visit before you move for a week or so after the move. Use this visit as a health check for symptoms of stress.

Settling into Your New House

After moving, get settled as quickly as you can with your pet in its new space. Try to set it up like their previous space. Similar to what you did for the packing, when unpacking, put your bird in a quiet space away from the chaos. 


How to Make Moving Easy with Your Pet Bird (Part I)

Follow these tips to ensure that you’re bird has a smooth transition.

Pet birds are sensitive to change, so making a move to a new house is a possibly stressful situation. As a good pet parent, you’re already on the right path by looking into the best way to transport your pet. With these tips, you can be more readily prepared by taking the correct steps to alleviate the stress your pet bird might experience as you move from one home to another.

Throughout the whole process, remember to stay calm and keep close attention to your bird for any changes in behavior such as aggression, loss of appetite, or change in feathers. They can pick up on your body language, which can translate stress to your bird.

Begin the moving process by going through these steps. Your feathered friend will be grateful for a smooth transport to a new house.

Type of Transportation

First think about how you’ll be making the move: by plane or car. Car is recommended so you can be close to your pet bird for the trip. If you have to fly to your new residence, check with your airline about the paperwork and transportation carrier necessary. Before reserving your flight, make sure the airline accepts birds. Get a carrier that is crafted to reduce the risk of injury during turbulence and has enough space for your pet to be comfortable.

You’ll also need to go to your vet to show proof of ownership and get health certificates. If you’re concerned about making the move yourself, there are professional pet moving services that are skilled to handle pets of any size, shape, and species.

When traveling by car, try to make it as similar to your bird’s daily routine as you can. Bring their usual water and food, keep their favorite snacks on hand, and be sure the temp feels the same as it would in their usual habitat.