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Transporting Your Baby Grand Piano Without Professional Movers (Part I)

A piano presents a challenge when it comes to moving one.

Moving a piano is not for the weak. As anyone who’s ever done it will let you know, this grueling task necessitates some real manpower and preparation. The procedure of moving a piano is so tedious and tiring that it has its own niche in the moving industry. Today, you can find moving and storage businesses all over the globe just for piano moving.

Considering the fact that pianos usually weigh from 400 to 1,000 or more pounds, it is recommended that you get a professional moving company with piano moving skills to do the job. Many times, a piano is the most expensive and valuable thing inside a person’s house. The price of a topnotch piano goes from low in the thousands up to $100,000. With that value, it’s very important that the instrument is managed with supreme care, making professional movers the way to transport.

However, if getting professional movers isn’t in your budget, it is possible to move a number of pianos with some assistance. If you have a grand piano weighing 1,000 pounds, you might want to use pros. These really large pianos frequently need special equipment and handling that only real moving professionals can offer. Also, if there are steep stairs or a narrow hallway, get professionals is suggested. 

If you want to move the piano yourself, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Before the Move

Find the right moving supplies and materials

First, you’ll want to be sure you have all the right supplies and materials to safely move the piano. For both an upright piano and a grand piano, you’ll want lots of moving blankets for protection. The last thing you want happening is a scratch on your valuable instrument. Also, you can use thick blankets and towels to cover the piano. 

Stress Free Suggestions for Transporting Your Bearded Dragon (Part III)

Drive carefully when your bearded dragon is in the car to ensure the trip doesn’t cause too much stress.

Prepare Your Beardies Temporary Enclosure 

You can make a good makeshift tank from whichever enclosure you want to use by focusing on making it warm and comfortable for your bearded dragon. This could mean lining it with lots of blankets or towels and making sure he’s safely tucked in.

Besides keeping your bearded dragon warm, heat bulbs and UVB also help your beardie to accurately digest its food.

If you don’t have heat bulbs set up while traveling, then it is best to not feed your beardie because they won’t be able to absorb the UVB that is necessary in order for them to digest their food correctly.

Right into a Heated Car

This is really important if you will be traveling in the cold seasons.

Bearded dragons are used to warm temps so they will love you taking the extra time to warm up your car.

Drive Carefully

Driving too fast, quick breaking, or harsh turns can all cause your bearded dragon to be thrown around whatever you’re transporting them in.

It is critical to lessen any possible stressors or complications that come from being out of their habitat which a comfortable ride will really do.

Buckle Up

On the heels of driving carefully is being sure your beardie is secure during transportation. Having to quickly stop could cause your dragon to get thrown around and getting injured. Don’t forget to buckle the carrier in to make sure it remains in place as much as possible.

Check on Your Beardie Often

While transporting, make sure to continuously monitor your beardie to be sure it is secure, safe, and the right temperature.

Having your beardie escape can be very troublesome and hazardous for both of you so have eyes on it at all times.