The Best Moving Apps

There are numerous android apps for your move. Below are a few of the best apps for those with either iPhones or android.

Moving Van: This app comes in handy when unpacking and packing. The Moving Van app lets you track what you pack in every box and even take pictures of the things that you put in each box. It may be an extra step, but when you’re trying to recall which box you put the can opener in, you’ll be thankful that you don’t have to go through 15 boxes to find it.

Gas Buddy: This is a must, regardless if you’re moving or not. I don’t know about you, but I’ll wait through a red light, cut across three lanes of traffic, and make a U-turn to save five cents on gas. This is not as easy in a moving truck, so plan accordingly and drive securely to the low-cost gas station.

INRIX: Nothing says misery as sitting in traffic with a moving truck! Dodge traffic and construction delays with this app. Inrix takes direction finding to the next level. It will let you know of any backed-up traffic, accidents, or events that are going on along your route that could hinder your trip. You can even let others know of any adverse traffic conditions if you’re the first one to see it.

SuperGraphics Travel Game: If you’re moving over a holiday or on the weekend, you are sure to see many U-Haul trucks. Have you ever observed the graphics on the sides of these trucks? They are called SuperGraphics and each one shows interesting facts about provinces and states. With the SuperGraphics game, you can track the graphics you’ve seen and learn more about them.  The latest version of this game has tile puzzles that will keep riders busy for hours.