Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Move

No move is without having any mistakes, but you can avoid the common moving mistakes that are truly preventable with forethought, common sense, and planning.

We have a priceless gift for you: top mistakes to avoid when moving

Knowledge is power, remember?

You misjudge the right time to move

The decision to move home can be huge, so it should only be reached after serious consideration and complete analysis of your current situation. Ask yourself if this is the right time to move. Have you saved enough money to move? There’s scarcely a bigger moving mistake than to mistime your move.

You fail to make a budget

You do need a budget to be able to manage your moving expenses with the intent of spending as little money on your move as possible. Failure to make a budget is a real mistake.

One moving mistake that can truly cost you as well is your failure to research well your moving company before you agree to use their services.

You assume all movers are cheaters

You may have heard grave stories about folks being scammed by rogue movers and their belongings being taken hostage. The truth is that there are numerous honest, trustworthy and reputable moving companies you can choose from. You just need to do your homework and pick a trustworthy relocation partner.

You withhold vital move-related information from your movers

When moving company reps come to your home for a visual inspection, you should NEVER try and withhold any vital bits of information from them in an effort to get lower estimates. This trick is a real mistake. When your movers discover that you have more things to move than you stated, they will just give you another estimate that includes more charges.