The Best Way to Transport Pets Long Distance

Long distance moving with pets. It not as frightening as it sounds. Most people want to make their move as easy as possible.  If you have kids, it may take a little more effort to get the whole gang organized when moving long distance, but it’s still a good goal. Though, long distance moving with pets is something else.  After all, they can’t let you know when they’re scared, hungry, or need to go do their business. Don’t fret. Folks move with their animals all the time. If they can do it, so can you. Here are some simple tips to get your pets ready for the move.

Determine how you’re going to transport your pet well ahead of time
There are truly a couple of diverse options for getting your furry family member to their new place.  Many select to just take their cat or dog right in their own vehicle. Others may choose to fly their animals to their new home. Make a prompt decision on pet transportation will help you not have any last-minute hassles around moving time.

Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations before traveling
Having a clean bill of health is the best way to make sure your pet travels safely. You’ll also want to carry a recent copy of your pet’s health certificate in case you have to prove your pet’s shots are current.

Pack a bag for your pet
Just like you, pets need water, stimulation, and food when they’re on the go.  For car travel, water and feed your pets before you leave and be sure to bring a few goodies for the road. If your pet will be in a carrier, it’s a great idea to leave them with a favorite toy or blanket to help lessen pet anxiety during the trip.