How to Pack a Moving Box Like a Pro

We’re just going to take a guess and say that you maybe don’t have expert packer on your resume. Like most folks, you don’t have a real clue how to proficiently pack a moving box. But don’t feel bad, because after this article, you just might be able to put that new skill on your resume.

How to Pack: Supplies

  • Boxes: Make sure to get various sizes.
  • Tape
  • Paper: Many people use old newspaper, but it is recommend to use newsprint so your things don’t get ink on them. Newsprint can be gotten online or at some home centers. Or, look at a few of the local moving companies that might be willing to sell you some from their inventory. Certain things, like large frames and TVs may require bubble wrap, but for the most part, newsprint will work on almost all things.
  • Utility Knife
  • Markers: These will be used to label your boxes’ content.

How to Move: Techniques

Stay in one or two rooms: If you want to be resourceful, it is suggested you pack the items from a room in the same box. Instead of going around your house looking for a perfectly sized item to fill the empty space in a box, you should concentrate on the items in the room you’re in. Most rooms have an assortment of small and large items, so use this method.

Large then small: When you begin filling up your box, put a few large items in first. Then fill in the empty space with smaller belongings. But don’t overpack and have the box too heavy or difficult to pick up.

Use free padding: Use your own belongings and this includes blankets, tablecloths, and clothing, to protect and pad the other items in your boxes.