Transporting vs. Selling Your Car: What You Need to Know

Time is money. Currently, this remains as applicable as ever. For a used car owner, the expression can have a profound meaning. As you may know already, the older the vehicle gets, the less money you will get by selling it. If you are moving to another city or country, the question of selling will certainly come up. Selling is a procedure in itself and if you have never done it, it could muddle your life a little. It is time consuming and necessitates you talk to various folks. So, the question remains, should I ship my car before moving?

Before we get into the specifics, you must your vehicle’s value. For used cars, you should check retail value, trade-in value, and private party value. By using this information, you will get an estimated value of your car. Hopefully, that will help you determine whether to ship your vehicle or sell. Our personal advice is to ship it because it is always less expensive, unless your car is really rusty and old.

When should you ship your car?

If you are moving with little notice, you may have no other choice but to ship your car. This little notice means less than 30 days which isn’t a lot of time to advertise a sale and find the perfect buyer. In such a situation, if you want to sell, you can get someone you trust to aid you in selling your car when you’re gone. But if you there is nobody who can do this for you then you have to transport your vehicle with you.

If you are moving over 300 miles away, then you should use an auto transport company. Moreover, you should ship your car if you are not getting a good price for it.