Drive from Michigan to Canada and It Won’t Cost You a Dime!

How does it work?

America really is the land of the automobile! A nation of gas guzzlers and the spiritual home of the road trip. Every year numerous cars, motor homes and camper vans are driven across the country as Americans and

Driving car on a forest asphalt road among trees

visitors tour the nation. As a result, car and motor home hire companies are in continuous need of drivers to take vehicles back and forth to the correct destinations frequently to the place where they started the trip.

One of the most famous deals is the “Florida drive out”, when costs are slashed for anyone looking to rent a car for a one-way drive up north in spring. In the meantime, companies that deliver cars around the country unite drivers with vehicles that need transporting, providing a free set of wheels and at times a tank full of gas in exchange for delivery. For the flexible traveler wanting a cheap ride, this can be the ideal chance to get a car for next to nothing, and explore the US on the way.

Where can you go?

When it comes to this kind of transportation, you could possibly go anywhere. It’s just a matter of biding your time until a vehicle that needs delivering in the direction you want to travel is available. Currently, there are several cars available on the Auto Driveaway website that need to be taken from CA to NY, FL to WA, and AZ to DE. Also, there are companies in Canada that run deliveries from Toronto and Vancouver to spots around the US.

Who can do it?

To deliver a vehicle for Auto Driveaway, which is the biggest driveaway company in the US, you need to be at least 23 and have a valid driver’s license. Some other driveaway companies require the drivers to be older and are subject to background checks.