Tips for Your Motorcycle Road Trip (Part II)

Dress appropriately

For road trips, especially on a motorbike, dressing appropriate is vital. Always try wearing riding pants, a comfortable shirt, boots, a full-face helmet, and bring the jacket you feel most comfortable with.

If you are expecting a bumpy ride on two wheels, it’s best to pick knee and elbow guards for more protection. Wear fitted clothes as baggy ones can cause discomfort for long distance riding. If you’re doing dirt bike, here are mistakes you should avoid with your gear.

Stay hydrated

Factors like ‘hydration’ typically take a backseat when considering all vital aspects of a motorbike road trip. You need to have proper hydration with you while on the go. Hydration is crucial and if stopping for water bothers you, invest in a hydration pack. The water bottle in a bag not only keeps the water cold but also comes with a long tube that you can use for drinking water without stopping.

Keeping yourself hydrated is very critical to being on top of your game.

Take breaks

You may need more rest while on a biking road trip than you typically take. Sitting on a bike for long hours without a break can create saddle sores. Know when your bike and body are asking you to stop for a break.

Avoid going overboard with it as it will only lengthen your trip and ultimately make it frustrating. Use the break to rest and to check if you need to refuel your tank and if your bike is in good condition.

Be prepared for unexpected weather

Unlike a car trip, you need to be more vigilant of weather conditions when going on a motorcycle road trip. It may start raining unexpectedly or the temperature might be higher than normal. Make sure that you are ready to deal with it. Bring a raincoat and riding gear that offer proper cover for your luggage is crucial.