Transporting Firearms in Michigan Vehicles

 Gun rights in Michigan are not without limits, and it is vital for everyone to know the situations under which weapons charges can be lodged. Michigan’s legislature has seen fit to enforce a series of rules and regulations directing gun policies.

In order to best know the requirements for legally transporting firearms, a Michigan gun lawyer can aid you in navigating the complex regulations in order to secure the most positive outcome if you face gun charges.

Reasons for Transportation

The most common reasons a person might have for transporting a firearm is because they are going target shooting or hunting. They might even want to transport a firearm without a license for reasons of a historical reenactment. In general, those are exceptions to the concealed weapons law, so for example, a person is able to take a weapon from their home and transport it to a target range where they are going to shoot it. Also, a gun may be transported to a repair shop or police station for a safety inspection. Someone doesn’t need a permit to do that if they can demonstrate to the police officer that they are between point A and point B.

Concealing Firearms

It is always in an individual’s best interest when transporting a weapon in Michigan for any reason to keep it in a locked container and to keep the ammunition separate. Specifically, the law states that firearms and weapons such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, handguns, and other firearms must be unloaded in both magazine and barrel and enclosed in a case or carried in the trunk of a vehicle. If the firearm is not kept in the trunk, then it must be in a container that is out of the reach and control of the driver.