How to RV With Babies on Board (Part II)

Make sure your RV is baby proof.

Babyproofing an RV

RVs are little enough without having an onboard nursery. Though, you have to find a secure area where your baby can sleep and relax when joining you on an RV adventure. Luckily, parents usually give little ones way more room than needed. Numerous RV cabins will be big enough to fit a baby or a young child.

You have to find a crib that is appropriate for your RV’s interior. Luckily there are portable cribs that are built for families on the go. Inspect dimensions and measurements for your crib space in the RV to be sure it will fit. Think about installing soft carpet in your RV for when your infant starts to crawl and walk. Rope off spaces you don’t want your baby to get to like the backroom in a toy hauler.

When you think about it, several RVs come baby proofed for the road. Drawers, items, and fold-outs must be secure while on the road. They frequently come with soft sides, security latches, and other features that seem like baby proofing. Take a complete walkthrough of the RV’s cabin to detect any dangerous spots, particularly if the infant is already walking and curious. Use customary baby proofing methods where needed.

Expect the Best, Plan for the Worst

We encourage complete preparation while putting together an RV trip and bringing an infant takes it to a whole new level. Make a list of anything your baby could require such as diapers, backup bottles, formula, sheets and more.

It is also helpful to plan out your precise route and get the information for nearby pediatricians and or hospitals in case your infant gets sick. It might not even be a bad idea to carry along your current pediatrician’s info and any important medical information should someone need swift access to them.