Transporting a Tall/Tiered Cake (Part I) 

These transportation tips will help keep your cake as beautiful as ever.

Transporting a tiered cake from one place to another doesn’t have to be complex. Following some simple rules to be sure that your cake will arrive safely, regardless if you are traveling a few or hundreds of miles.

Before Moving Cakes

Be sure the cake is constructed on a sturdy base made with thick, corrugated cardboard. Base tiers of very heavy cakes must be put on a fiberboard or plywood base.

Cakes on pillars have to be moved unassembled. Candles, toppers, and ornaments must be removed from cakes when they are being transported.

For stacked cakes, transport the entire assembled cake. Or, for a bigger quantity of tiers, move unassembled and assemble at the new location.

Make sure you have the equipment and icings you need to complete any decorating needed after assembly at the final location.

For a cake that is stacked and 2-plate construction, take tiers apart, keeping stacked tiers as units.

Boxing the cake makes moving simpler. Not only does it shield the tiers from damage, but it keeps the tiers clean from dust, dirt, and bugs. Put the boxes on a non-skid mat or carpet foam on a level surface in the vehicle to stop shifting. Keep the boxes flat. Don’t put on a slanted car seat.

Before You Go

It’s also important to find out about the reception location before the affair. Knowing what to expect when you arrive can make your delivery and setup so much simpler. Contact the event location a few days before the event to get a notion of the conditions. Inquire whether the room is located upstairs or downstairs. Find out what is the best location for bringing the cake into the building.

That way you can park in the right place the first time and reduce the distance your cake has to transport from your vehicle.