How to Move a Grandfather Clock (Part III) 

Before moving your grandfather clock, you must first prepare it to prevent damage.

Stop tangling of tie cables or chains

Reach inside via the side panel and wind the weights close to the top. Holding the ends of the cables or chains together with your hands, secure them with either a twist tie or packing tape. This will stop the chains from getting tangled up in each other while the weights are being removed and the clock is in transport.

Remove the weights

Now that the chain/cables are tied together, reach inside and remove the weights. As you remove the weights, wrap them in either packing paper or bubble wrap for protection. Make sure to label every individual weight with its corresponding location inside of the clock. After the move, these weights have to be put back inside the clock in their original location.

Remove the pendulum

To remove the pendulum, you’ll have to first stop it from swinging. The pendulum must be attached to the pendulum guide at the top. Cautiously unhook the pendulum from the pendulum guide. Wrap the pendulum in packing paper or bubble wrap and carefully put it inside of a moving box.

Remove the top of the clock

If it’s plausible, remove the top of the grandfather clock, disassemble it cautiously and put it on a table. Wrap the face of the clock in bubble wrap and fasten it with packing tape. Wrap the top of the Grandfather Clock in packing paper or bubble wrap too.

Move the Grandfather Clock to the truck rental

Once all the individual parts are packed away, start wrapping the outside of the grandfather clock in either moving blankets, padding, and/or bubble wrap. For more protection, we advise taking a big moving box with both the top and bottom ends open. Next, slide it from the top of the grandfather clock to its middle. This should protect the grandfather clock on all four sides.