How to Transport a Fish When Moving (Part I)

Transporting a fish isn’t as easy as one might think.

Here is good guide on how to transport fish long and short distances the correct and safe way. A lot of folks get this wrong. You can end up creating stress to your fish or even killing it.

Transporting Fish 

If you are carrying your fish home from the pet store, or you are relocating, knowing how to transport your fish the correct way is vital to their survival and health. If you transport fish the incorrect way, you can end up suffocating them, crushing them, or stressing them to death.

When talking about transporting fish short and long distances safely, the short answer is: The simplest way to transport fish is using a plastic bag, aquarium water, and pure oxygen that can be purchase at any fish store.

You can also use a five-gallon bucket or the aquarium itself, though this is not really recommended.

Let’s discuss in depth the best ways to safely transport your fish.

How To Transport Fish In A Car

Transporting a fish in a car is really not all that hard, but you do have to do it the correct way, or you risk killing your fish. Do bear in mind that fish get stressed out quite easily and long-distance trips can kill them.

If you plan on travelling for over a full day with your fish, odds are that it will die. To ensure the best possible chances of survival, there are a few precautions that you must take.

Don’t Use Bucket

Now, some folks attempt to transport fish in buckets or in the aquarium when driving. This is a huge mistake.

Have you ever had to slam on the brakes because some idiot driver cut you off? If your fish is in the car and being transported in a bucket, the bucket might spill or tip over, putting your fish in your car which will kill it.