How to Transport a Fish When Moving (Part II)

Regardless of the distance, transporting fish can be dangerous and detrimental to their health.

Transporting Fish in The Aquarium

When it comes to an aquarium, particularly glass ones, there is really no solid way of securing these in a vehicle and being able to drive smoothly enough to guarantee the fish’s safety.

If you do plan on transporting your fish in the aquarium, get rid of enough of the water so it doesn’t spill if you brake a little hard. Remove any decoration to make sure that no cracks happen in the aquarium, there won’t be anything flying around the aquarium in transport as well as no decorations floating around.

Also, if using a bucket, make sure not to fill it up too much so it doesn’t spill while driving. With that said, transporting your fish in the car, inside of a bucket or the tank is really not recommended because of numerous problems that can and usually do arise.

How to Transport Fish Short Distances

Transporting fish long or short distances, with or without a car, is dangerous and difficult. Like mentioned before, fish usually suffer stress and might die, even on short trips, so ideally, trips should be as short as possible.

The best way to transport a fish a short distance is by using the plastic bag method. You should keep in mind, though, that water is heavy, so with any bag over two liters you have the risk of exploding or tearing the bag and causing your fish to fall out and die.

Make sure to use aquarium water to fill the bag and do not put nor more than one or two fish in a bag. Don’t forget that the more water there is, the more dissolved oxygen will be present. But, the more fish you have in the bag, the more oxygen they will require.