How to Transport a Fish When Moving (Part III)

Fish can still suffocate even if the bag has water in it.

If you are transporting the fish in your aquarium, this is not a problem as the water is already there. If you are transporting the fish in the aquarium, make sure to remove all decorations. 

You don’t want that stuff shifting around the aquarium and perhaps hurting the fish. Always make sure to walk or drive carefully since you want to reduce movement wherever possible. Bear in mind that you will need a bucket of at least five gallons. 

Can Fish Die in Bags?

Yes, fish can suffocate in bags, which is something that frequently kills fish since many folks do not seem to be conscious of this. In a plastic bag with water in it, a fish can die in 60 minutes or sooner. 

You need to tie the bag shut to stop it from spilling and for safety reasons. You can’t put holes in it either.

The only real choice here is to purchase pure oxygen from a fish store so you can put it in the water with the fish. This is something you have to do if your transport is going to take longer than one hour.

Transport Fish in A Ziplock Bag?

Technically yes, but just for a limited amount of time.

The issue with Ziplock bags is that they are very narrow. In terms of width, your fish won’t have any space to swim.

It is not a great idea, as the bag must be a large and round bag to provide the fish plenty of space for safety and some impact cushion zone in case anything occurs.

Furthermore, even though Ziplock bags are good on their own, the top might leak water, which is, of course, isn’t ideal.


The bottom line is that you should avoid transporting